No Transaction Fees


Personal Fundraising Advisor

Funds safe

Gifting (Conditional & Unconditional)

No taxes

Free Homebuyer Education & Counseling

How It Works

Home Buying Made Simple with HomeFundIt:

  • Home Buyer signs up using their Facebook or email address.
  • Home Buyer completes the online application to get prequalified. This way, the buyer has a better idea of how much they can afford, and how much their down payment will need to be.
  • Home Buyer has the option to write a brief story about their campaign and upload pictures and video. A Fundraising Advisor contacts the Home Buyer, reviews campaign strategy, and assists with the sign up for free home buyer education.
  • The Fundraising Advisor acts as a continuing liaison between the Realtor, the Loan Officer and the Home Buyer to provide the quickest and smoothest home buying experience.
  • When the Home Buyer has finished collecting funds, they can apply it to the purchase of a home immediately.